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All performances @ 7:30pm

Saturday  Feb. 17 & Sunday Feb. 18


Delina Patrice Brooks

Alex Diaz

Ashley Gayle & Noah James

Kai Hazelwood

Joslynn Mathis Reed

Nkechi Njaka  (Saturday)

Chris Scarver

Natalya Shoaf (Saturday)

Dazaun Soleyn

Jamie Wright (Sunday)


Saturday, Feb. 24 & Sunday, Feb. 25

Shawn Hawkins

Cherie Hill

Christopher Scarver

BCF/AMP at RAW, sponsored by SAFEhouse Arts

Limited seating!


Saturday - March 3  &  Sunday March 4

Delina Patrice Brooks (Sunday)

Alex Diaz

Chris Evans (Sunday)

Ashley Gayle & Noah James

Frankie Lee Peterson III

Joslynn Mathis Reed (Saturday)

Natalya Shoaf  (Saturday)

Dazaun Soleyn

Phylicia Stroud

Latanya d. Tigner / Mills College Rep Co

Meagan Uriah Wells

Jamie Wright (Sunday)


Programming subject to change.

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